Top 10 ways to get the sexy feet you have always wanted

Feet have always been a problem for women and most hide them away so today I am going to give you my top 10 tips for getting the beautiful feet you have always wanted. Tip one is to always make sure you moisturize and cream your feet twice a day this will make sure your feet stay soft and remain dry and crack free.

What comes next when trying to get your feet to look sexy

Next if you have dry or hard skin I recommend using a tool to remove the hardened skin such as the micro pedi this will smooth over the hard skin and leave your feet feeling smooth and amazing. Now I would like to say make sure you go for regular pedicures and have your toes painted to will brighten up your toes and give you that fresh look. looking after your cuticles is a must when it comes to foot care and having nice cuticles will boot the look of your nails so much. When deciding what footwear to wear with your new found sexy feet I would say its a must not to wear shoes that will damage and hurt your feet something like sandals would be the best to show of your sexy feet and feet them out in the open.

Share your nail designs & show everyone what you can do

Hey Nail Lovers, I have a nail polish website that you cant miss if your into doing nails. its a community called nail nation and its a place where you can share photo and videos of your art its really inspiring looking all all the different nail photo that the community come up with. you can also create and join gropes where you can discuss cool topics its really fantastic i love it. ive been on there for about month now and the people there are really cool, if your into nail care and are looking for some tip there is going to be a cool forum you can join and share tips with other members.

Its now time for some of my new nail designs

Now its time for the long overdue conclusion to my review of the Claire’s mini flakies set! Time has passed, and more polishes have come out since the first part was posted, and I can now say that I believe I’ve seen this style of flake elsewhere, too. The flakes in these look to me to be the same sort of flakes that are in OPI I Lily Love You and Color Club Covered in Diamonds.

As with part 1, all swatches were done with a coat of Seche Clear for the base, two coats of flakey polish, and one coat of Seche Vite. Each color has four pictures: an in-focus nail pic, a slightly out of focus nail pic to show the way the flakies reflect light, an in-focus bottle pic, and a slightly out of focus bottle pic. The blue polish has a fifth picture, one that was taken in sunlight and very distinctly shows the flakes on the nail. Like all my images, these will be clickable if you want to see the full size image. This post shows the three cool colors: green, blue, and purple.

For right now, I’m posting all the newr pictures I currently have – ones that were taken back in 2013, for the most part. I want to hopefully get posted all the old images I have of my nail designs before I start posting new swatches. Hopefully you’ll see a pretty big change once I start posting new swatches, because I know my hands (especially the cuticles!) look pretty bad in these older pictures. I’m taking better care of my hands now, and I think they look a lot better.

This polish is China Glaze TTYL, from the 2013 China Glaze OMG collection. I’ve seen this one described over and over as a warm peach holo, and I can’t think of a better color description for it. It’s not orange, it’s not nude, it’s definitely peach. This is two coats over Seche Base (a ridge-filling base coat) and no top coat. Holographic polishes (the linear holos, anyway) tend to dry extremely quickly, and the OMG polishes are no exception. Because these dry so quickly, they can come out a bit patchy, and are a little more difficult to apply evenly than your average China Glaze polish, but it’s pretty easy to adapt to once you know what’s going on.